Fair justice

«Gender sensitiveness of local policies and legal practices on internal displacement»

16.09.2019 – 08.08.2020 
The grant “Gender sensitiveness of local policies and legal practices on internal displacement” has been implemented since September 2019 with the purpose to assess the situation in terms of gender mainstreaming in the work on the rights and interests of internally displaced persons and develop recommendations for local authorities, NGOs, businesses and lawyers. The pilot areas of the project were Kharkiv, Vinnytsia, Luhansk and Poltava regions. The project has been finalized with the release of six thematic publications in Ukrainian language. The materials will be useful for representatives of local governments, local authorities, judges, lawyers, specialists of free legal aid centers, civil society organizations and socially responsible business.

The project was implemented with support from The Council of Europe’s project “Internal Displacement in Ukraine: Building Solutions”.


«Monitoring of court decisions on protection against gender discrimination, aimed at the application of Ukrainian legislation and international documents»


The project was implemented to study the issue of gender equality and discrimination on the grounds of sex, sexual orientation and gender identity in the Ukrainian judicial system. The practices of various courts in resolving disputes related to gender discrimination were studied for this research. The level of awareness of judges and defense attorneys about gender equality and human rights standards in this area was also studied. As a result of the monitoring, two reports were published and Guidelines for Judges on Identifying Cases of Gender Discrimination were developed.

The project was supported by the American people through the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) under the Fair Justice Project.