About Us

Kharkiv Regional Foundation Public Alternative is Ukrainian NGO, founded in 2005. The Foundation promotes values of inclusive democratic society, its priority activities in Ukraine and in the OSCE region. 

The mission of the organization is to identify problems in the observance of human rights and discrimination and to suggest ways of solving them.

Strategic goals:

Strategic priorities are:

Our values and ethical principles:

Professionalismwe do everything with professionalism and high quality.
Teamwork all decisions are made through discussion, taking into account the views and individuality of each team member.
Openness we are open to new ideas, initiatives and partnerships that help us fulfill our mission.
Respect for human dignity first of all, we see a person.
Non-discrimination the pursuit of equality and justice in the organization of work and external activities.

The organization is governed through a General Meeting, which appoints the President and the Board.
The organization participates in a number of local, national and international coalitions and networks.

For 15 years of work the organization has implemented at least 30 projects and initiatives of various format and scope, including:
The organization is a part of a number of local, national and international coalitions and networks
1. Procurement policy

Public Alternative’s public procurement policy is based on national and international standards, principles of transparency, equal treatment and non-discrimination, fair competition and objectivity of decision-making criteria.
When conducting procurement within the project, which is implemented at the expense of grant funds, Kharkiv Regional Foundation “Public Alternative” is guided by the rules of procurement of the donor organization and the grant agreement, if they do not contradict the above-mentioned principles.
In all other cases, purchases in the amount of less than UAH 30,000 from one contractor are made on the basis of a decision of the project coordinator, the President of the organization or a person authorized by him. Procurement in the amount of more than UAH 30,000 from one contractor is made on the basis of a tender.
Tender procedure:

2. Prevention of conflicts of interest

Conflicts of interest and all related terms are used by the organization in accordance with the Law on Prevention of Corruption.
The president of the organization or the person authorized by him shall take measures to prevent the occurrence of a real or potential conflict of interest during procurement, conclusion of agreements and other activities of the organization.
Any member of the organization in case of detection of a conflict of interest notifies the President of the organization or his authorized person no later than the next working day.
In the presence of a conflict of interest, actions and decisions on cases related to it are not taken until its elimination.
Conflicts of interest are resolved by order of the President or his authorized person, or, in difficult cases, a meeting of the Board convened at the request of the President, within 2 days from the moment when the President or his authorized person became aware of the conflict of interests.
If the President of the organization, the person authorized by him or a member of the organization who has identified a conflict of interest, has doubts about the existence of a conflict of interest in the situation, they should seek clarification from the National Agency for Prevention of Corruption.

3. Anti-corruption policy

The organization has established practices and rules on the following issues:

These practices are presented in the Charter of the organization and in this Strategy, or in the form of a written declaration on such practices at the request of donors.